Diets for Men – Good Practices, Examples, Menus

Diets for Men – Good Practices, Examples, Menus

Wanting to lose weight is not something exclusively female. Many men want to lose weight and lose a little belly … There are many diets for men to “lose weight quickly”, “lose weight quickly without any effort”, so many miracle solutions that often promise impressive results. But what does it take to lose weight? Don’t go headlong into a diet without doing your research first. Because on the one hand, you could be very disappointed with the results, but you could also develop health problems by following too restrictive diets. So which diet or program to choose?

What slimming program for a man?

A good program is a program that first meets your expectations: quality, support, results …

But it is also and above all a program which does not endanger your health, and with which you are brought to understand the basics of food balance, to apply them calmly in autonomy.

There are several diets for men to losing weight.

The most popular weight loss solutions

As soon as we think of “weight loss”, we think of diet. However, in this perspective of weight loss, following a diet induces restriction and lists of authorized and prohibited foods. Not only is a diet, by essence and definition, untenable in the long term, but it will thus result in regaining the weight lost. Yet they remain very popular. Weight loss diets for men can be grouped into three main categories:

These diets are restrictive in relation to the total energy brought over the day. It is between 800 to 1500 kcal daily. The objective is to create a deficit energy balance: the body spends more than it receives. The goal is to allow rapid weight loss.

During these diets, the emphasis is on protein intake (much more meat and fish consumption). Starchy foods are prohibited and fruits to be limited. The advantage of this solution is to allow significant and rapid weight loss.

Here, fats should be kept as low as possible. Indeed, they are the most caloric foods. Reducing them therefore makes it possible to reduce energy intake and therefore start rapid weight loss.

Food rebalancing.


The principle is different here, and besides, we are not talking about a diet. The goal is to get you to listen to your food sensations, to understand the basics of dietetics in order to be able to apply them daily and to have a balanced diet, covering your metabolic needs.

The positives and negatives of each

Low-calorie and hypolidic diets: fast and effective diets for men?

These diets reduce energy intake between 800 and 1500 kcal. However, the minimum needs of a man are estimated at 2000 kcal. They therefore do not cover them, causing the risks of deficiencies and undernutrition. Note also that they demonize certain foods (fats for example). This promotes the development of eating disorders in the long term.

The weight loss will be rapid. But with such an energy difference, the body will draw on all its reserves to cope with the lack: one of the easiest reserves to reach is that of the muscles: you will certainly lose weight, but above all it will be of bone mass. This explains why in the long term, it is rare to be able to maintain the new weight. Studies have shown that 95% of restrictive diets fail.

These diets are strict: to be followed all the time, with no possible adaptation on your part in relation to your social life (restaurants, aperitifs, birthdays, no deviation is allowed), your feelings of hunger and your desires. A crack is guilty, badly lived. It can be frustrating in the long run and demotivating. To learn more about these diets, see our article on the advantages, disadvantages of low-calorie diets.

High-protein diets for men: lose weight quickly thanks to protein?

The high protein intake during repetitive days puts a lot of strain on the kidneys, making them work too much. This can cause kidney failure in the long term if the protein is too much.

In addition, as seen above certain foods are prohibited: this leads to risks of deficiencies and undernutrition, putting your health in danger.

Note: however, that the weight loss obtained is rapid and significant. But watch out for the yoyo effect afterward! The Dukan diet is an excellent example of a high protein diet that induces a regain of the weight lost subsequently. You will find everything you need to know about the proper functioning of the Dukan diet (definition, example menu, dietician opinion) by consulting our article.

Food rebalancing diets for men: to lose up to 10kg for life in 2 months

There is no risk to health here: the program meets your minimum needs and adapts to your lifestyle.

Weight loss is slower than dieting, but it is long-lasting! Indeed, thanks to nutritional education, carried out with health professionals, you understand why you are gaining weight and how to remedy it, without having to deprive yourself.

A food rebalancing allows you to continue to eat everything, without depriving yourself or starving yourself! And you keep losing weight, never gaining it back. But then how is this possible? If we take the example of food rebalancing programs, they are based on the principles of Chrononutrition developed by Dr. Delabos: eat the right foods, at the right time and in the right quantity.

How to lose weight quickly for a man? Some tips and tricks

As you have seen, losing weight very quickly can be dangerous for your health. Better to accept to lose 2 to 3 kg per month, healthily, without risk of regaining them.

How to eat balanced to have a flat stomach or simply lose weight?

The importance is not to deprive yourself and not to frustrate yourself. The more you forbid yourself a food, the more you will want it, and the more the quantity will be important when you take it… To lose weight listen to yourself: eat when you are hungry. Indeed, take the time to eat so that your brain can send you the satiety signal (about 20min). Once you’re full, don’t force yourself to finish your meal. The surplus that you take to your body from this point on will be stored.

What vegetables or meats to eat to lose weight? Sample diets menu for men

As you have just seen, the quantities should be adapted according to your real hunger. This is why no quantity for the main course will be specified in the example below. It will simply let you see what a balanced day can look like. On our blog or our article to learn how to start a food rebalancing.

Breakfast: a hot drink, 1 natural yogurt, 1 banana, toast with a knob of butter

Lunch: chopped carrots, a chicken breast with potatoes, 1 piece of cheese, 1 compote without added sugar

Snack: bread and 2 squares of chocolate

Dinner: 1 bowl of soup, smoked salmon pasta, 1 yogurt, 1 apple

What is the best sport for losing weight? Men’s exercises to lose belly fat

Spontaneously, to lose belly, you would tend to think of doing abdominal type exercises, which target the belly area … But it is essential to remember that you cannot lose a single area specifically! It is a set. Especially by doing sit-ups, you won’t immediately see any change: they will remain hidden, under the pounds you want to lose.

This is why it is better to do exercises that will demand your whole body, to increase energy expenditure and allow refinement at first. It could be running, cardio, swimming …

Thereafter, to have a firmer stomach with protruding abs, nothing prevents you from doing them regularly. Moreover, you can start with core exercises to work your abdominals in-depth, which will result in firming your skin and thus reducing your belly.

However, keep in mind that the best way to do this is to go at your own pace, to have fun and not hurt yourself. If you haven’t worked out for a while, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice to see what works best for you.

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