How to clean your laptop screen

How to clean your laptop screen

Fingerprints, dust, stains, etc. are exposed to our computer screens. And we have to clean them regularly. But some precautions are necessary if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises. We tell you everything about the clean laptop screen.


– Use soft cloths, ideally microfibers

One for cleaning and another for finishing, if possible. The first will be slightly moistened – I insist on the slightly – in order to remove the most stubborn traces. Needless to say, they both need to be clean!

– Turn off your screen

There is little risk of electric shock with a pc screen, that’s for sure. Still, it’s always best to turn off any electrical device before cleaning it if you need to use liquid, especially if it’s a laptop PC. In addition, we can better distinguish stains and dust on an off-screen. And finally, it’s better for ridding the screen of static electricity, which our Led screens do not appreciate.

– Favor circular movements

A good way to clean your laptop screen is to blow some mist in the center and then clean in circular motions from the center out. This technique has the advantage of avoiding vertical or horizontal traces. No need to press, you could damage the screen, it is better to iron it several times until it is clean.



– Everyday materials

It would be tempting to use what we already have on hand and which we use for daily cleaning. However, it is better to avoid towels, too rough, tea towels, paper towels or even handkerchiefs, which, even if they seem soft to us, risk scratching your beautiful screen. And remember that if a desktop PC screen (except all-in-one ) is easily replaced, this is not the case on a laptop

– Household products

Although it may seem obvious, it’s good to remember that a computer screen is fragile. Any service technician will tell you, we can no longer count the returns of customers who wanted to clean their screens with cleaning products for the floor or even washing walls! Not to mention the classic window fluid and even … nail polish remover! Of course, this kind of product is to be avoided.

– The vacuum cleaner

Often mentioned to remove stubborn dust, especially that located in the corners of the screen, vacuuming can be harmful to your screen. In particular because of the tip which at the slightest false movement could irreversibly damage the protective layer. If you absolutely must go through this, we cannot recommend the utmost thoroughness enough.

– The sprays

The sprayed liquid is liable to become encrusted in the crevices and seriously damage your computer. Especially on a laptop, it is better to do without. A simple hand washes with water, preferably distilled, is just as effective, and more ecological.

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