The 9 Best Electric Coffee Grinder for 2021

The 9 Best Electric Coffee Grinder for 2021

The electric coffee grinder has invaded our kitchens. Pods and other capsules of all kinds are what we now call: coffee. But let’s not forget, real coffee is a seed that contains all the aroma of the latter. It will be released on grinding to obtain a freshly ground drink. This is why great coffee lovers always prefer to grind their precious beans themselves and would not give up their coffee grinder for the world. But they too are entitled to their small evolution …

Indeed, not so long ago, these coffee enthusiasts still crushed their beans manually. But thanks to the electric grinders, anyone can drink a coffee whose aroma will not leave anyone indifferent due to its freshness and intensity.

For this, there are two types of electric grinders: Blade and Burr. While the blade mill will be more functional since it will allow you to grind not only your coffee beans, but also all types of cereals and dry seeds (rice, wheat, flax, etc.), the burr mill will have the advantage of performance and more suitable for strong coffee drinkers, since it will allow a much finer grinding, and therefore more intense flavors.

The main materials used in the manufacture of grinding wheels for coffee grinders are steel and ceramics. Both are equally suitable for domestic and professional uses.

The coffee grinder is therefore a piece of equipment to have at your disposal since it allows you to grind very fresh beans for high-quality brewing.

Rommelsbacher EKM200 black and silver coffee grinder

This is a homemade grinder that in my opinion has a pretty useful design.

It has a container for the ground coffee that is easy to remove and large enough so that it does not spill out of the corners. Of course, it has a lower capacity than professional grinders, but to prepare about 12 cups of coffee a day, great works.

For buyers, the best thing about this grinder has been the price. However, it also highlights its power, which allows them to grind the coffee beans until they are fine enough to appreciate their flavor and aroma.



DeLonghi KG79 12 Cup Electric Burr Grinder


This is a snap-on model with grind selection, which allows you to choose the desired degree of fine, medium to coarse. The cup selector allows you to grind the desired amount, up to a maximum of 12 cups.

The appliance is equipped with the Dual Safe system which blocks the machine if the bean container or the ground coffee container are removed. The non-slip rubber feet guarantee maximum stability on the supporting surface. Thanks to the cable compartment, it can be perfectly stored.

Main characteristics:

  • The ground coffee container is removable to optimize cleaning.
  • It allows you to grind up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • Thanks to the non-slip feet, it remains stable during operation.


  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Operation: electric – 110 W



Moulinex AR1100 Coffee & Spice Mill/Grinder


Aced with its competitor who hides his appearances well, Moulinex does not let it go and counter-attacks with the AR110830. A nice mill with a compact and elegant design. Its ergonomic shape offers easy handling. And thanks to its small kilo, you will have no trouble finding a place for it in the kitchen.

Exclusively suitable for domestic use, with its capacity of 50 grams, thanks to its 3 speeds, it will still allow you to grind all types of dried beans (coffee, spices, dried fruits, etc.) by simply pressing in 20 seconds maximum (for an extra-fine result). Note that the finer the grind, the stronger the taste, but also that the aroma is an ephemeral treasure that only lasts a short time. So, the faster your machine, the better it will be, the faster you can make your coffee, Suitable for amateurs, its use is child’s play and will be done in complete safety.

The Moulinex AR110830 mill still spends little energy despite its small size: 180w for its operation: that says a lot about its efficiency.



Sboly electric coffee grinder with 18 grinding settings


Another high-quality product that you cannot stop looking at, a powerful electrical operation that allows you to optimize working time to the maximum. Made of metal resistant to impacts and also to corrosion. It has a flat blade for cases where you want to crush seeds and spices, so it becomes a very versatile and multipurpose product.

There are 18 different speeds so you can adapt it to your needs, it has a storage container that is easily removed for greater comfort and a better user experience. It has a high precision cut so it will give you results of a fairly fine powder, with this product you will have the possibility of grinding up to 230 gr of product at the same time.



KRUPS GVX212 Coffee Grinder


Well, there is a somewhat cheaper option that works well: the KRUPS GVX212 – Coffee Grinder with Grinding Wheel System.

The grinding wheel system ensures a better consistency and a better coffee aroma. The tank has a large capacity and has a safety cover. It has 17 grind levels, from fine grind to coarse grind for all types of coffee and we can select from 2 to 12 cups. It can be easily cleaned with warm water and the lids and containers are even dishwasher safe.

This coffee grinder, unlike other cheaper models, allows us to customize the level of fineness in the grind and choose how many cups of coffee we need, something very useful when we are with many people. It stops automatically when finished. Your deposit is really big. The maximum grind is very fine, which is great for espresso coffee.



Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Encore model is somewhat cheaper and you can still do great things with it. It offers a very homogeneous grind perfect for filter coffee makers, French, Italian, Chemex, Aeropress. For espresso, it is also valid but it is somewhat less consistent, it makes a little bit of noise and cleans very well. You are going to have up to 40 different grinding points. It does not have a timer, display or scale. Its manufacture is outstanding and it is very simple to handle.



It is clear that the previous grinder is very good, but it has a big downside: its high price, that is why we have selected other models of electric coffee grinders with a more affordable price, especially the last 3.

Chulux Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Spice Grinder

We know that the smell of freshly ground coffee is heavenly, and this little guy is capable of achieving this every time you want to have a cup. With an excellent finish, well-built, and with a non-slip surface, the Chulux coffee grinder meets everything you need to grind your coffee beans efficiently.

Its powerful 200W motor makes it fast and reliable, which means that in less than 30 seconds your coffee beans will be ready to prepare your coffee in a Chemex, French press, espresso or even Turkish coffee.

Also, what we liked the most about the Chulux grinder is its large capacity container. So if you are a large family of coffee drinkers, you can make enough coffee for everyone. Another advantage of this unit is that it is made of stainless steel, therefore we are talking about a robust and durable product.



Shardor Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder


This is a great electric coffee grinder as the SHARDOR has everything you need to grind your beans, quickly and efficiently. Its design is very compact and easy to handle, but the most interesting feature is that you can remove the metal container to pour the coffee directly into your AeroPress or French press.

The SHARDOR grinder has a powerful motor, in less than 20 seconds you have your ground coffee beans ready. This is important since the speed of the grinding is essential to prevent the grain from heating up and starting to burn, losing its properties.

With a very attractive design, you can tell that the manufacturer has taken care of how it looks on the outside, so you will want to show it off in your kitchen all the time. Also, its compact size fits perfectly anywhere, even if you have a very small kitchen.

We know that choosing an electric coffee grinder is a difficult task since today’s market is saturated with them, and there is only a handful that is worth it, but the SHARDOR model meets all the requirements you need to grind your coffee beans.



KRUPS Electric Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades


You’re looking at one of, if not the best electric coffee grinder you can buy right now. Why? With a very elegant, compact design and easy use, it is the most popular model with thousands of positive reviews from users, and if there is one thing we are sure of, it is that the customer is never wrong.

In addition to being very easy to use, the KRUPS F203 grinder has powerful blades you can grind coffee in less than 15 seconds, it just depends on you how ground you need the coffee.

A grinder will indeed give you better results when grinding coffee compared to an electric grinder, but when it comes to the real value, the KRUPS F203 is a great product that is well built, and if you are not extremely picky it offers a grind. decent for a lot less money.



How to choose the best electric coffee grinder?

Before you start buying a coffee grinder, it is best to know the most important features to make the best choice.


As electrical appliances, coffee grinders are necessarily a minimum noise. So you can go for the quieter machine if you don’t want to wake everyone up in the morning when you go to grind the coffee.

The grinding mechanism

we mentioned it at the beginning of the article, the blade mill is more basic while the grinding wheel is more efficient. Other characteristics should therefore help you refine your choice.

Your budget

For example. The price difference between the blade and grinding wheel mill is very large. But that’s not the only feature that makes its price vary. Since the quality of materials or the diversity of use can also have an impact on the latter.

For what purpose do you buy a mill? Is it just for grinding your coffee or are you also planning to blend spices and other types of beans? If the answer is “for coffee only”, opt for a burr grinder instead, otherwise a blade grinder will be more suitable.

The durability and lifespan of the device may vary depending on the product, but especially according to its use. Keep in mind that a well-maintained machine is bound to last longer. The material of the blade can affect its life. Indeed, a ceramic grinding wheel can grind about 1000 kg of coffee beans before giving up the ghost against 600 kg for the steel grinding wheel.


Although very similar, it can influence your choice. But in general, an electric coffee grinder can hold between 50 and 85 grams and much more seeds, or about ten cups.

Ease of cleaning

It is an important criterion especially if you plan to use it daily. We can only advise you to direct your choice towards a grinder that can be cleaned with the passage of a simple damp cloth rather than a device that you will spend a lot of time scrubbing corner by corner. If you opt to purchase a bead mill, choose a ceramic one that is even easier to clean. Also, when cleaning your coffee grinder, avoid soaping so as not to alter the taste of your future coffees by perfuming the sides of the bowl with the smell of soap.


Who needs a coffee grinder?

Are you the type of person who makes coffee at home two or three times a day without even having guests? If so, you need to include another utensil in your kitchen cabinet, and that is a coffee grinder.

Most coffee requires a specific level of grind, fine or coarse, and with the help of a grinder, you may be able to brew a flavorful and aromatic espresso for your mocha or automatic machine in a few simple steps. Not to mention that, if necessary, you can also use it as a spice grinder.


Real coffee lovers are those who know how to fully savor the taste and aroma facets of this heavenly drink. And with a coffee grinder, you can properly extract the oils from the beans, benefiting the result. In this article, we have looked at the benefits of the different types of electric coffee grinders currently on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

☕ Better a manual or electric coffee grinder?

Beyond the lower cost of a manual coffee grinder, it must be said that an electric type, being adjustable, can give you better control over the degree of final grinding. Again, it all depends on your needs and how often you use them. For occasional use, you can very well opt for a manual grinder. If, on the other hand, you like to enjoy your coffee several times a day, and perhaps you like to amaze friends and relatives with different types of preparations ranging from espresso to French Press, then nothing beats a high-end electric model. , with its many grinding settings.

☕ Is a manual coffee grinder always a good investment?

As we said before, it all depends on what you use it for. It’s not worth investing money in an electric model if you use it now and then. And if you like to organize picnics during the summer, you can also take your manual mill with you.

☕ Is it true that a coffee grinder makes a difference?

A good coffee grinder can transform your coffee drinking experience from the inside out. Your drink will be more fragrant and more delicious. You will be able to determine the taste and strength of your coffee. This way you can make your coffee that is second to none at your favorite bar.

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